Office of Revised Futures - Format Festival 2019

I was invited by curator Rodrigo Orrantia to join Hannah Hughes, Lewis Bush, Melinda Gibson and Fernando Martin Godoy to take part in The Office of Revised Futures as part of Format Festival, Derby in March 2019. 

Rodrigo writes "In 1857, Gustave Le Gray used a combination of separate negatives to print his celebrated series of seascapes. He was highly praised for his creativity, but even from then, to think a constructed image can supersede a direct photographic representation of the world has been the thorn in the side of the medium. It is perhaps this premise that lies at the heart of the office.

Responding to Format Festival's theme of Forever/Now, the Office of Revised Futures brought together five artists who whose practices explore ideas around constructed photographic images, mainly through analogue collage. The idea of the 'Office' was both an exhibition of existing work, but more importantly a residence where the artists worked together to create a new collaborative piece."

Over four days based in The Smallprint Company we created new works from source material selected from Cafe Royal Books in an open residency setting that invited festival visitors to see us at work as well as viewing the small exhibition of existing works. The collaborative work was limited edition black & white zine, 100 copies, 20 editions each with a different work by one of the "Office' artists as an A3 posters print.